Ride Your Bicycle And Shed Some Pounds

A childhood milestone everyone remembers is learning to ride a bicycle. These two-wheeled contrivances become a rite of passage for many people. The tricycle gives way to a bike with training wheels and the training wheels eventually go away. Children often use this device as their main means of transportation for the next ten years. When a child becomes a teenager and gets a driver’s license, this mode of transportation gets relegated to the garage. When men start driving, their bellies expand; when women start driving their hips expand. A few years later, in their mid twenties, they may pull out the bike again as part of their weight loss plan.

There is nothing wrong with pulling out the bicycle as an adult. As long as its owner has a helmet and some knee and elbow pads, he can avoid many injuries. The bike rider should also keep safety in mind. Neither cars nor pedestrians care much for riders, and both groups find people on bike annoying. If someone lives in a town with bike paths and trails, he can further increase his safety. Wearing day glow orange can help increase someone’s visibility while on the public roadways.

Cycling is a a good cardiovascular and lower-body workout. It can also allow a person to explore more of his hometown or area than he has seen before. A person who lives in an area full of back roads may find out about alternate routes to get to common places. It also helps someone get out and get fresh air. At least it helps someone get fresh air if they live in the country, a small town or an exurb. Someone who lives in a large city may want to check the air quality forecast before heading out. This is even more important if they have asthma or chronic bronchitis.