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Surveillance Platforms

TOTUS Surveillance Platforms™ (TSP) are the most advanced group of TOTUS Security Platforms™, designed to incorporate optimized LED lighting, megapixel IP video surveillance, multi-day media storage, and secure wireless communications with Event Action Processing to provide unparalleled Active Deterrence™.


TOTUS Security Platforms™ are designed to provide up to 70% energy savings versus the legacy streetlights through the use of improved LED technology. The ability to dim the TOTUS Surveillance Platform at midnight allows the platforms to be set at up to 25-50% brightness mode at midnight and can go back to 100% mode when detects a motion. This can be programmed for a single light or grid of lights to allow the end user to save more energy without the compromise of security.


TOTUS Solutions created a ROI calculator to provide a basic model for energy and maintenance savings with TOTUS Technology. It provides a cost comparison of field integrated outdoor lighting and surveillance system versus purpose-built TOTUS Security Platforms.


Click to view the ROI Calculator



  • 50, 100 & 150 Watts LEDs
  • Adjustable Wing Angles
  • Wireless Lighting Controller
  • Photocell
  • Grey, Black & Bronze Housing
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Embedded 4Port PoE with 2 Weatherproof Ports for External Device Install
  • Input/Output Options e.g. Emergency Call Box, Specialty Cameras etc.
  • Communication Options e.g. Wireless Radios
  • Embedded 360° Fisheye 5 Megapixel Hemispheric IP Camera and 32GB Storage for Edge-Based Event Recording
  • Ability to Enable Midnight Dimming
  • Complete TOTUS Active Deterrence™ Capabilities by Event Action Processes



  • Daylight quality light output (5000K CCT and 83.3 CRI)
  • 60,000 to 100,000 – Hour Life Cycle
  • Active Deterrence™ via Event Action Processing
  • Extend Security Coverage to Unprotected Areas
  • Continuous 360° Video Recording
  • Two-Way Audio Communications
  • Analytics-Triggered Lighting Control and Audio
  • Embedded PoE Switch and External Device Mounting Options
  • Edge Based Multi-Media Storage
  • Integrates With and Extends Existing Surveillance
  • Rapid Deployment and Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Adjustable LED panels for optimum light distribution
  • Embedded T-Net Controller for extending control of other fixtures


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All TOTUS Security Platforms and their LED technology are Dark Sky Friendly Fixtures.


150 Watt TOTUS Security Platforms

100 Watt TOTUS Security Platforms

50 Watt TOTUS Security Platforms


Click on individual platform page listed below to learn more details about capabilities and the additional options offered to design a customized solution for your specific application.


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