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Mobile Platforms

TOTUS Mobile Platforms™ are mobile, freestanding, purpose-built structures that can be quickly deployed to deliver an all-in-one lighting, communication and surveillance solution.  Based on the award-winning TOTUS Surveillance Platform™ (TSP), the TOTUS Mobile Platform (TMP) extends all of the surveillance and Active Deterrence™ features of our fixed-location platforms to a self-powered, quickly deployable mobile platform.  Active Deterrence™ features protect your property and resources by preventing crime through early intruder detection and alerting. Built-in Geo-fencing technology detects motion  and begins recording audio and video. At the same time, the TMP’s automation features can increase  illumination level for optimum video capture, and trigger Active Deterrence™ features to alert or deter intruder via flashing lights and pre-recorded warning messages or other sounds. Notification features immediately alert you via e-mails or SMS texts that can include audio/video attachments, and can initiate VoIP (SIP) calls to create a live two-way audio or audio/video connection using the built-in Public Address speaker and microphone. For remote connectivity the platform supports a variety of host communication equipment including Cellular Modems and Wi-Fi Access Points.



  • Designed for Medium to Long-term Duration Applications
  • Purpose-built, Compact and Easy to Tow Security Platform
  • Single Person Deployment Capability
  • Theft Protection and  Vandal Resistant Design



  • Superior Night-Time Color Rendition
  • 60,000 to 100,000 – Hour Life Cycle
  • Active Deterrence™ via Event Action Processing
  • Extend Security Coverage to Unprotected Areas
  • Continuous 360° Video Recording
  • Two-Way Audio Communications
  • Analytics-Triggered Lighting Control and Audio
  • Embedded PoE Switch and External Device Mounting Options
  • Edge Based Multi-Media Storage
  • Integrates With and Extends Existing Surveillance
  • Rapid Deployment and Low Total Cost of Ownership

Mobile Platforms