Cleaning Can Be Part Of Your Weight Loss Stategy

Some people engage in spring cleaning as a yearly exercise. Many families consider this to be a yearly ritual. The younger people in these families, particularly the children, may not appreciate this, but this is because some things may get put off in the winter. It might be because this time of year is one many people consider to be a time of renewal. Whatever the reason, the people who clean their house regularly know how draining heavy cleaning can be. Some people may wonder if housecleaning may be a valid part of a weight loss strategy. While no one would discourage a person from keeping her house clean, the answer is probably not.

The American Heart Association did include cleaning as a cardiovascular exercise a few years ago. This was to encourage people to get more exercise and due to some people suggesting it should be counted. While the intent was good, people who keep their house clean do not burn that many calories doing daily household chores. The average person burns more calories during an hour of yoga or tai chi than they do during an hour of house cleaning. This depends on the daily cleaning activities, of course.

If someone wants to combine their regular work out with regular house cleaning, they may or may not find an increased weight loss benefit. If their goal is to shed pounds, they may wish to keep their normal routines for maintaining their domicile and workout for a longer period of time. If getting more exercise in is not an option, an individual can decide to consume fewer calories instead. It’s not a good idea to combine both activities. While it is a noble effort, developing this new physical fitness regime may lead to injury. No one wants to explain to a doctor how they injured themselves while lifting their vacuum cleaner over their chest.