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TOTUS Security Platforms™, are the world’s first outdoor LED lighting based security platforms. A solution that combines lighting, surveillance and communication in one simple, low-cost, fully integrated system. Unlike traditional outdoor surveillance systems, which require the integration of numerous products in the field, TOTUS Security Platforms™ incorporate LED lighting, megapixel IP surveillance, multi-day media storage, and secure wireless communications—in a single solution.


These purpose-built platforms transform passive surveillance into Active Deterrence™ to help you prevent and deter crime instead of just watching or recording it while it occurs.


TOTUS Security Platforms are currently used in over 2,600 deployments and more than a hundred applications worldwide, including parking lots and campuses, public transit systems and walkways, or to protect critical infrastructure, government agencies, or any area where outdoor security is a must.




TOTUS Security Platforms™ feature an LED light that is optimized for video, with the right color temperature for recording high-quality images any time of the day or night. This improved LED technology provides an energy savings of up to 70 percent compared to legacy streetlights and has a life cycle of up to a hundred-thousand hours with less than a five percent loss in brightness, so it’s incredibly cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free. The Network Platforms built-in PoE switch can power additional devices and this eliminates the need for a separate power source.


The TOTUS Surveillance Platforms™ are the most advanced group of TOTUS Security Platforms™ featuring an IP-based camera that provides continuous 360-degree recording, for an unrestricted field of view that offers complete situational awareness with fewer cameras. Enhanced nighttime color rendition delivers high-quality images with smooth, even color shading, so security personnel can identify subjects more accurately. And there’s never a concern over whether a pan/tilt/zoom camera is pointed in the right direction.


In addition to the integrated light and camera, the TOTUS Surveillance Platforms™ also feature “embedded intelligence,” and FIPS 140-2 encryption for secure communications in accordance with stringent Department of Defense standards.


Remote or analytics-triggered lighting control allows lights to be used as a real-time deterrent by flashing or alternating brightness when motion is detected, while available two-way audio and panic buttons provide real-time interaction for added deterrence. The system can even send an email or other notification to a central location when an event occurs.


Furthermore, “edge-based recording” means the video is captured and stored locally, with each frame stamped with the date, time, and GPS location. Video can be delivered continuously or forwarded on-demand, thus reducing the need for excessive bandwidth.


They can replace legacy systems or be integrated into existing ones, extending the eyes and ears of security personnel while increasing the value of current surveillance investments.